McFarquhar, Greg

McFarquhar, Greg

SOM Professor, CIMMS/CIWRO Director

Mentoring Mindset:

My goal in mentoring is to help my mentee achieve his/her maximum potential through providing advice on whatever topic the mentee requires (how to help mentee define own goals and grow to their maximum potential, work/life balance, hunting for jobs/graduate schools, study skills, learning on what you are interested in, how to handle multiple deadlines/courses, etc.)


Higher Education and Employment Background:

  • Professor School of Meteorology & Director CIMMS, University of Oklahoma, Norman, OK.
    • Participated and/or led 29 field programs using aircraft to measure cloud properties.
  • Professor, University of Illinois, Urbana, IL.
  • Research Scientist, studying clouds, National Center for Atmospheric Research, Boulder, CO.
  • Bachelors in Mathematics & Physics, University of Toronto.
  • Postdoctoral Work, clouds and climate, Scripps Institution of Oceanography, La Jolla, CA.
  • Masters & Ph.D. in Atmospheric Physics, specializing in cloud physics. University of Toronto.


Life Defining Moments in Meteorology and Higher Education:

  • Obtained summer job as 2nd year undergraduate student at Environment Canada that introduced me to field of cloud physics and changed the course of my career.
  • Involvement in field campaigns in Malaysia and Fiji convinced me I wanted to study observational cloud physics so that I could combine my interests in travel and science.
  • Moving from NCAR to Illinois allowed me to pursue interests in teaching and mentoring students, rather than doing all of the research on my own.
  • Moving from Illinois to Oklahoma allowed me to have greater influence on direction of science research rather than just managing a small group, conducting research on improving forecasts to safe lives and reduce property damage.