Wang, Xuguang

Dr. Wang stands before a nature backdrop

Wang, Xuguang

Professor; Presidential Research Professor; Robert Lowry Chair Professor

Office: NWC 5341
Phone: (405) 325-3426


  • Ph.D., Meteorology, The Pennsylvania State University, 2004.

Research Interests: 

  • developing new techniques and novel methodologies for data assimilation and ensemble prediction
  • applying these techniques for global, hurricane and convective scale severe weather modeling and prediction systems assimilating a variety of observations (radar, satellite, ground-based remote sensing platforms, aircraft-borne observations, in-situ, etc.) to improve numerical prediction skill
  • improving the understanding of atmospheric predictability and dynamics through data assimilation and ensemble approaches for global, to hurricane and storm scales
  • Interfacing between basic research and US National Weather Service operational numerical weather prediction (NWP) or say transitioning research into operations (R2O)
  • Interdisciplinary research: data mining and machine learning; economic values of numerical predictions

Online Research Profiles:

Research Highlights:


IDCourse NameDurationStart Date
METR 6313 001Advanced Data Assimilation Methods: Ensemble Kalman Filter Techniques and ApplicationsMW 11:30am - 12:45pmJanuary 18, 2022
METR 5980METR 5980: Research for Master’s ThesisJune 14, 2021
METR 6980METR 6980: Research for Doctoral DissertationJune 14, 2021
METR 6313METR 6313: Adv Data Assim MethodsMW 11:30 - 12:45January 25, 2021
METR 6313METR 6313: Adv Data Assim MethodsMW 11:30- 12:45January 13, 2020
METR 4133METR 4133: Atmospheric Dynamics IIITR 1:30 - 2:15August 19, 2019
METR 4133.001Atmospheric Dynamics IIIT R 1:00-2:15August 21, 2017
METR 6313Advanced topics in data assimilation:…TR 1:00-2:15January 17, 2017