Meteorology Students Presenting at Undergraduate Research Day

Meteorology Students Presenting at Undergraduate Research Day

Three meteorology students were selected to present their research findings at the University of Oklahoma’s Undergraduate Research Day. The topics covered in this session range from geology and the galaxies to the atmospheric sciences. The speakers from the School of Meteorology and the titles of their talks included:

Junior, Matthew Bray speaking on “The Relationship Between Tropopause Polar Vortices and Mid-Latitude Severe Weather”. Matthew’s research mentor is Professor Steven Cavallo.

Sophomore, Connor Bruce speaking on “Understanding and Eliminating Forecast Busts in Global Numerical Weather Prediction”. Connor’s research mentor is Professor David Parsons.

Junior, Dzuy Nguyen speaking on “A Climatology on Extratropical Transition Characteristics. Dzuy’s research mentors are Dr. Ben Schenkel and Professor David Parsons.

Undergraduate Research Day is sponsored by the University’s Honor’s College. 

Congratulations to the undergrads!