Areas of Faculty Research

Charts show the areas of faculty research broken into five categories: Weather and Climate Prediction, Meteorology, Climate, Atmospheric Composition, and Radiation and Remote Sensing
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Aerosol-Climate Interactions McFarquharRedemann, Xu

Atmospheric Chemistry and Air QualityFedorovich, Homeyer, Klein, Salesky

Atmospheric Dynamics – Cavallo, Fedorovich, Furtado, Homeyer, Martin, Parsons, Sakaeda, Salesky, Shapiro (Emeritus), Wang, Xue

Atmospheric Radiation and Passive Remote Sensing- McFarquharRedemann, Xu

Boundary-Layer MeteorologyBasara, Chilson, Fedorovich, Klein, Salesky, Shapiro (Emeritus)

Climate Variability and ChangeBasara, Cavallo, Furtado, Homeyer, Martin, Parsons, Richman, Sakaeda

Cloud Physics and LightningBiggerstaff, McFarquharZhang

Data AssimilationCarr (Emeritus), Cavallo, Wang, Xue

Ensemble Forecasting Parsons, Wang, Xue

HydrometeorologyBasara, Biggerstaff, Duchon (Emeritus), Martin, Salesky

Machine Learning Methods – McFarquharRichman

Mesoscale MeteorologyBiggerstaff, Basara, Bluestein, Cavallo, Homeyer, Martin, McFarquharParsons, Shapiro (Emeritus), Wang, Xue,

Numerical Weather PredictionCarr (Emeritus), Cavallo, Parsons, Wang, Xue

Polar MeteorologyCavallo, Furtado, McFarquharParsons, Salesky

Radar MeteorologyBiggerstaff, Bluestein, Chilson, Homeyer, McFarquharPalmer, Parsons, Shapiro (Emeritus)

Radar Remote SensingChilson, McFarquharPalmer, Parsons, Zhang

Radio PhysicsChilson, Palmer, Zhang

Statistical AnalysisChilson, Furtado, Martin, McFarquharPalmer, Richman, Sakaeda, Wang, Zhang

Synoptic MeteorologyBluestein, Carr (Emeritus), Cavallo, Furtado, Homeyer

Tropical MeteorologyBiggerstaff, Furtado, Martin, McFarquharParsons, Sakaeda, Wang