School of Meteorology Students and Faculty Present at AMS Annual Meeting

Many of our students, faculty, and staff attended the American Meteorological Society’s Annual Meeting held in Austin, Texas January 7-11, 2018. We are proud of all of our students and faculty and all of the hard work they’ve done presenting posters and presentations and networking with their colleagues. At latest count, our participation was something like:

Oral Presentations: 26

  • Yujia You:  Best Student Presenter Awards in the Climate and Climate Variability Conference
  • Tim Surpinie: “Evaluating FV3 with Thompson Microphysics for Convection-Permitting Forecasting over CONUS in the Hazardous Weather Testbed Spring Experiment.”
  • David Harrison: “Predicting 12-hour Storm Reports Using Random Forest Classification”
  • Jordan Christian: “The Evaporative Stress Index as an Indicator for Flash Drought Across the United States Using Reanalysis Datasets”
  • Leah Kos: “Engaging Emergency Managers and Planners in Resiliency Efforts in the Southern Plains”
  • Makenzie Krocak: “Developing and Testing Forecast Products in the FACETs Paradigm” First place presentation award
  • Professor Dr. Alan Shapiro: “Mesoscale ascent in Nocturnal Low-Level Jets”
  • Professor Dr. Jeff Basara: “Mesoscale Variability of Land-Atmosphere Coupling Across the Southern Great Plains in the North American Regional Reanalysis”
  • Ryann Wakefield: “Investigation of Land Atmosphere Feedbacks in Oklahoma using Local Coupling Metrics”
  • Aaron Johnson: “Systematic Impacts of Assimilating PECAN IOP Observations on Numerical Prediction of Bores”
  • Brian Greene: “Optimization of Rotary-Wing UAS as an Atmospheric Platform”
  • Professor Phillip Chilson: “Development of an Autonomous UAV Atmospheric Profiling System: Initial Implementation and First Results”
  • Graduate student Joshua Gebauer: “Examining Common Features of the Low-Level Jet during PECAN” Second place student oral presentation at the PECAN Symposium
  • Graduate Student Matt Flournoy: Third place student oral presentation at the PECAN Symposium
  • Sam Degelia: “A Study of the Impact of PECAN Field Campaign Observations on the Numerical Prediction of Nocturnal Convection Initiation using a GSI-Based Ensemble Data Assimilation System”
  • Aaron Johnson: “Systematic Impacts of Assimilating PECAN IOP Observations on Numerical Prediction of Bores”
  • Junkyung Kay: “The Development of the GFS Hybrid 4DEnVar System with Multi-Resolution Ensembles”
  • Xuguang Wang: “R2O: Development of NWS Convective-Scale Data Assimilation and Ensemble Forecasting Capability to Improve Operational Hazardous Weather Forecasts”
  • Xuguang Wang: “Recent Development and Research of GSI-Based Hybrid Ensemble-Variational Data Assimilation for Convective-Scale Predictions”
  • Xu Lu: “Further Study of Inner-Core Data Assimilation Using GSI-Based Hybrid System for Hurricane Intensity Predictions: Impacts of HWRF Model Physics and Resolution for Patricia (2015)”
  • Jon Labriola: “Assimilation of Radar Data to Improve High-Resolution Numerical Simulations of Severe Hail Producing Thunderstorms”
  • Amanda Murphy: “A Polarimetric and Microphysical Analysis of the Stratiform Rain Region of MCSs”
  • Ty Dickinson: “Improving Impact-Based Seasonal Outlooks for South-Central Texas”
  • Elizabeth Smith: “The Great Plains Low-Level Jet during PECAN: Observed and Simulated Characteristics”
  • Josh Gebauer: “Examining Common Features of the Low-Level Jet during PECAN”
  • Alan Shapiro, Evgeni Fedorovich, and Joshua Gebauer: “Mesoscale ascent in Nocturnal Low-Level Jets”
  • Elinor Martin: “Future Projections of Global Drought and Pluvial Event Characteristics”
  • Elisa Murillo: “Hail Detection and Prediction Using 1-minute Super-Rapid Scan GOES-14 Satellite Imagery and Ground-Based Dual Polarization Radar”

Poster Presentations: 9

  • Hristo Chipilksi: “Object-Based Algorithm for the Identification and Tracking of Convective Outflow Boundaries” First place student poster presentation at the PECAN Symposium
  • Hristo Chipilski: “Impact of Assimilating PECAN IOP Observations on the Numerical Prediction of Bores and Bore-Initiated Convection”
  • Junkyung Kay: “An OSSE study of the impact of the Micro Unmanned Robot Observation Network (MURON) ocean surface observation on tropical cyclone prediction using GSI based EnKF”
  • Aaron Johnson: “Multicase Assessment of Sub-Kilometer-Scale Processes in Atmospheric Bores Using WRF Large Eddy Simulations”
  • Bo Huang: “High-Rank Local Ensemble Transform Kalman Filter (HETKF) and Its Comparison with the Local Ensemble Transform Kalman Filter (LETKF)”
  • Sean Ernst: “Communications in the Eye of the Storm: Understanding NWS Decision Support Decisions”
  • Morgan Schneider: “Estimation and Evaluation of Atmospheric CT2 using Small Unmanned Aerial Vehicles”
  • Nicholas Balderas: “Recent and Future Trends of Cold Season Extratropical Cyclones over the Eastern United States”
  • Nicholas Balderas: “Soil Moisture and surface Flux Variability at the Kessler Atmospheric and Ecological Field Station”
  • Andrew Mahre: “Development of Scanning Strategies to Meet Operational Needs of the Multimission Phased Array Radar” First place – poster presentation in the EIPT Conference Student Competition

You can view a copy of video and audio recordings from the AMS Annual Meeting here

We will continue to update this list with videos and award markers as they become available!