Senior Spotlight May 2021 – Connor Bruce

Senior Spotlight May 2021 – Connor Bruce

This year we are continuing our tradition of Senior Spotlights! For everyone, 2020 and 2021 have been challenging years, but we want to highlight our amazing seniors for preserving through these difficult times.

Meet Connor Bruce! He’s from Columbia, Maryland, and he gained his passion for meteorology from his dad.

“My dad was a Marine Biologist and used to work on research vessels in the Chesapeake Bay,” he said. “Before cell phones, he would call me and I would relay NOAA data to him. After this, I used to watch radar with him and was always fascinated by thunderstorms. Thus, my love for the weather grew.”

So he moved halfway across the country to Norman! During his time at OU, Connor was a Weather Friend, did research with the First Year Research Experience program (FYRE), and was a mentor for both meteorology and honors students. He also involved with OU Nightly, OWL, and SCAN.

To him, the toughest part of college was maintaining the same level of excellence in all my classes.

“Every professor expects near perfection, especially in meteorology at one of the leading institutions for meteorological research,” he said. “I strive to do exceptionally well on all my assignments. Maintaining this throughout all four years with increasing difficulty in classes has been tough.”

Even with the rigorous program, Connor will be Summa Cum Laude.

But college is not all difficult times!

“My favorite memory is studying in 5600 or the UG lounge until all hours of the night. After midnight, the studying decreased, but the laughter increased,” Connor said. “While they never were the most productive work/study session, they were some of the best times I’ve had.”

After graduation in May, Connor plans to continue his education and pursue a master’s degree in meteorology, with an emphasis in operational meteorology and communication, here at the OU School of Meteorology!

Congratulations, Connor The School of Meteorology is excited to see all you do in the future!