Senior Spotlight May 2020 – Alyssa Woodward

Senior Spotlight May 2020 – Alyssa Woodward

This year we are continuing our tradition of Senior Spotlights! With graduation postponed, it is more important than ever to highlight this spring’s graduating class.

The class of May 2020 is experiencing their last few weeks of college unlike any of those who came before them. It has been a tough time, but the seniors are adapting to new ways of learning and are continuing to celebrate their accomplishments thus far.

Meet May 2020 graduate, Alyssa Woodward!

Though originally from the Chicagoland area, Alyssa says that OU felt like home from the first moment she walked on campus. Alyssa will even be staying at OU to complete her Master’s Degree in Meteorology!

Alyssa says she was always interested in weather, “When I was little before school I would watch the Weather Channel. I’ve also always excelled at math and science so I thought meteorology would be the perfect major for me.”

She tells about her favorite parts of being at OU thus far, “My favorite part about being an OU student is the culture and the education. On a Saturday night, I can be cheering on OU football with 80,000 other fans and on Monday morning I can be in class learning from some of the most distinguished meteorology professors in the country.”

Beyond learning about meteorology, one of the most important things she learned is about herself. “One of the largest things I overcame in college was learning to advocate for myself. I learned my success is very much dependent on my actions. I have to work extremely hard in my classes and reach out to make connections to ultimately be successful. Opportunities aren’t just going to fall into my lap,” she said.

Alyssa has accomplished so much in her time as an undergraduate and even spent one semester at the University of Reading in England. The School of Meteorology is happy to have her back to complete her Master’s degree.