Senior Spotlight May 2020 – Bailey Jarrett

Senior Spotlight May 2020 – Bailey Jarrett

This year we are continuing our tradition of Senior Spotlights! With graduation postponed, it is more important than ever to highlight this spring’s graduating class.

The class of May 2020 is experiencing their last few weeks of college unlike any of those who came before them. It has been a tough time, but the seniors are adapting to new ways of learning and are continuing to celebrate their accomplishments thus far.

Graduate Bailey Jarrett tells us about his path to graduation starting from a young age. 

“I got into meteorology at a young age. I grew up in Tampa, Florida watching the daily summer thunderstorm roll over my house. I was always fascinated by the clouds, the rain, and the lightning. So much so that I would get on my dad’s computer just to look at the radar and see when the storm would reach our house. As I grew this fascination never went away. My family moved from Tampa, Florida to Overland Park, Kansas after my freshman year of high school. Without this move, I would never have met my favorite teacher, Mr. Marcus Fryatt. He taught my IB Math classes (pre-calc and calc one) in my junior and senior years. As I was applying and deciding where to go to college, he stepped in and helped me decided not only where I wanted to go but what I wanted to study. He may have been a little biased since he also graduated from OU. He started off as a meteorology student but realized his passion was for teaching and switched majors. Without him, I don’t think I would’ve come to OU and be here today.

“When I arrived my freshman year, I learned quickly how different college is from high school.  You don’t have your parents to check in on you. There is a delicate balance between studying and the freedom that going to college away from home gives. I think to make that change has been my biggest struggle. It wasn’t an overnight transition; I had to work hard and make some mistakes along the way. But when I fell, I got back up and learned from my failures. The journey wasn’t always easy, and as I’m about to cross the finish line I can’t help but look back at how far I’ve come and be proud.

“My favorite part about this school (besides sooner football) is the friends I’ve made. I have gained lifelong friendships over these last four years that I am not quite sure what I would do without. In a few short weeks, all of us will begin to go our separate ways and while the distance may keep us apart, it can never take away the memories and friendships we have made.

“After graduation, I will be continuing my education at the University of Wisconsin Madison as a part of their Professional Master’s Program.

Congratulations to Bailey! The School of Meteorology is looking forward to seeing what you accomplish in the future.