Senior Spotlight May 2022 – Katie Giannakopoulos

Senior Spotlight May 2022 – Katie Giannakopoulos

It’s that time of year! We are continuing our tradition of Senior Spotlights. For everyone, the past few years have been quite difficult, but we want to highlight our amazing seniors for having the tenacity to succeed through these tough times.  

Meet Katie Giannakopoulos! She’s from New Hampshire, and she became interested in meteorology after reading a book about hurricanes!

“I have been interested in meteorology ever since I read a children’s book about hurricanes when I was 7. I started mapping out hurricane tracks and have been hooked ever since,” she said.  

Katie was hooked, and she traveled all the way over to Norman! During her time in college, Katie was Vice President of the Student Chapter of the American Meteorological Society (SCAN) and the Junior Class representative in 2021. 

To her, the toughest part of college was being far away from home.  

“It can be difficult to be so far from a significant part of your support system,” Katie said. 

But college is not all difficult times!  

“Academically, getting to share my meteorological passions with others who feel the same. Non-academically, going to a university with so much school pride,” she said.  

After graduation in May, Katie will be attending graduate school here at the University of Oklahoma working on a project studying weather whiplashes in Oklahoma.

Congratulations, Katie! The School of Meteorology is excited to see all you do in the future!