Senior Spotlight: Morgan Schneider

Senior Spotlight: Morgan Schneider

Recent graduate, Morgan Schneider, won Best Student Oral Presentation at the 2019 AMS conference and finished her Bachelor’s Degree in Meteorology. 

Schneider won Best Student Oral Presentation for her presentation titled, Modeling the 3-D Geomagnetic Field Using Satellite Scalar Field Observations

Schneider told us about her time at AMS,

“This was not my first presentation at AMS, as I presented a student poster last year at the AMS Austin Student Conference, but it was my first oral presentation at AMS and my first national conference talk.

I presented my research from my summer internship through the NOAA Hollings Undergraduate Scholarship Program.  Through this opportunity, I was able to choose my project from a database of available NOAA-related projects, and I then spent nine weeks working on my chosen project.  I picked my project, ‘Modeling the 3-D Geomagnetic Field using Satellite Scalar Field Observations’, because it was something I had never done before and I really wanted to step outside of my meteorological comfort zone.”

The American Meteorological Society conference gives students like Schneider the unique opportunity to to orally present. She told us,

“I’m not a huge fan of public speaking, so giving a talk as an undergraduate was really intimidating for me.  I think my favorite part of presenting is knowing that it will only get easier from here on out.  It’s also great to hear the questions that people have about my research, because sometimes I get to hear new perspectives or ideas that I hadn’t even considered.”

In addition to her amazing work at AMS, Morgan finished her undergraduate meteorology degree with a perfect 4.0 GPA. She will be continuing her education at OU and pursuing a Master’s Degree in meteorology starting this fall. 

Congratulations to Morgan on all her amazing accomplishments!