Meteorology Assistant Professor Scott Salesky Awarded NSF Grant

Meteorology Assistant Professor Scott Salesky Awarded NSF Grant

Dr. Scott Salesky was awarded over $220,000 to research turbulence and cloud microphysical processes. The National Science Foundation grant will allow Salesky to participate in an NSF Established Program to Stimulate Competitive Research (NSF EPSCoR) fellowship.

“I will be spending the next 2 summers at Michigan Tech in Houghton, Michigan, collaborating with some of the faculty members in the Physics department,” he said. “I also have funding to bring a graduate student with me.”

With the laboratory equipment at Michigan Tech, Salesky and the graduate student will be able to conduct state-of-the-art research on their topic “Turbulence Effects on Cloud Microphysical Processes: Development and Testing of Subgrid-Scale Parameterizations for Large Eddy Simulation.”

“They have a unique laboratory facility where they can create and sustain turbulent clouds in a controlled laboratory setting,” he said. “We will be performing experiments with the goal of improving the representation of small-scale cloud processes in large eddy simulation and weather forecasting models.”

Congratulations Dr. Salesky! The School of Meteorology is proud of your work inside and outside of the classroom!

To learn more about Salesky’s research proposal and the NSF grant, click here.