SoM Faculty Participate in $20 Million NSF Grant

Several School of Meteorology faculty are involved in a $20 million National Science Foundation (NSF) grant to support interdisciplinary research focused on the State of Oklahoma.  One of four focus areas for the project, the team focused on Subseasonal to Seasonal Variability in Weather and Climate Extremes in the Great Plains is led by Dr. Jeffrey Basara and includes Dr. Elinor Martin and Dr. Jason Furtado.  The five-year effort will explore the complex dynamics of (flash) drought, floods, pluvials, heatwaves, severe weather, cold snaps, rapid transitions, weather whiplash, and cascading events along with how they vary in time and space. 

“This is one of those rare opportunities to not only advance our understanding of how the atmosphere works at the interface of weather and climate, but also work within an interdisciplinary team to apply this new knowledge and find solutions to local problems in the infrastructure, water, and agriculture communities,” said Dr. Martin.

Additionally, the research will be integrated with other focus areas within the broader project to address the impacts of such environmental conditions on socioeconomic sectors in the region and address potential solutions for future generations.

“I am truly excited that we will be able to advance the science in new and critical ways very relevant to the citizens of the State of Oklahoma any beyond, but also to develop increased capacity within our students, postdoctoral researchers, and our faculty that can have a generational impact,” said Dr. Basara.

We are so proud of our faculty who continually participate in excellent research opportunities!