School of Meteorology Welcomes Two New Staff Members

School of Meteorology Welcomes Two New Staff Members

The School of Meteorology is thrilled to welcome two new staff members – Danika Hines-Barnett and David Goines. Danika is the Coordinator of Graduate Programs, and David is the newest IT Specialist within the School.

Both staff members are Sooner alumni. Danika holds a Bachelor of Arts in History from Cameron University and a Masters of Education in Ault and Higher Education from the University of Oklahoma. David received his Bachelor of Science in Meteorology from OU and moved north to the University of North Dakota for a Masters of Science in Atmos Science. He is still in the works of completing his final draft of his thesis.

Before joining the School of Meteorology, David worked as the Staff Meteorologist at Valparaiso University in northwest Indiana. Danika worked as the Coordinator for Graduate Program in Petroleum and Geological Engineering. She also has a professional background in international student advising, student affairs, and student retention.

In her current roles, Danika assists graduate students as they navigate the policies and procedures of the School of Meteorology and OU. 

I hope to help alleviate hurdles for students as they work toward their academic goals,” she said.

David helps with technological device support for students, staff and faculty, website maintenance, and server maintenance. He works in conjunction with IT Specialist Shawn Riley.

“The only difference between Shawn and I is that my position is more closely tied into central OU IT on the main campus,” he said.

Both David and Danika will be splitting their time in the office and working from home during this pandemic. If you want to reach out to David, you can contact him at If you wish to contact Danika, you can email her at

We are so excited to have you two as part of our staff! Welcome! We can’t wait to see the great work you will accomplish.