Two Meteorology Students Take on Leadership Roles in New Club

Two Meteorology Students Take on Leadership Roles in New Club

Students in the OU School of Meteorology don’t just focus on the weather; many of them enjoy video games too!  Two students enjoy gaming so much that they are members of the Esports Club, or Gaming Club.  Jonathan Hudson, School of Meteorology Class 2023, and Matthew Miller, School of Meteorology Class 2022, both hold leadership positions in the Gaming Club.  Jonathan “RadPanda” Hudson is the Intercollegiate Esports Director and Matthew “Silverplussonic” Miller is the Streaming Entertainment Director.   

The OU Gaming Club is relatively new, going from a student organization in 2016 to departmental level status in 2020.  In the fall, the club will be offering scholarships to those involved as well.  Pending everything goes to plan, the OU Gaming Club also hopes to have a physical space to meet on campus where various events like competitions, practices, and hangouts will be held. 

When asked why the organization is so important to OU, Jonathan Hudson gave a passionate answer:  

“Because the world of esports and video games can offer so much more than just the game on the screen. It can offer you a chance to compete as an athlete on a digital field, or a chance to make longtime friends, or a chance to be part of an energy bigger than oneself. It can offer you a home you never knew you needed, like it did for me when I came to OU in 2018. I thought my life would become engulfed by my meteorology studies during my college career, but I found another passion that had never been realized. I hope many others to come can find that same home and passion like I did.” 

We love to see our students develop additional passions and pursue big goals! If you have any questions about the OU Gaming Club, reach out to Jonathan Hudson and Matthew Miller using the emails below. 


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