Two School of Meteorology Students Named AMS Senior Scholars

Two School of Meteorology Students Named AMS Senior Scholars

Meteorologists all over the country are traveling to the 100th American Meteorological Society (AMS) conference in Boston set to start on Monday. As our students, faculty, and staff gear up for the conference, two seniors, Max Ungar and Kristine Chen have been named Senior Scholars by AMS!

Both students shared their gratitude after receiving this honor.

Kristine told us, “Being a named scholar means a lot to me! It feels great to be recognized by the AMS and to join the ranks of the incredible students who have received this scholarship in the past. Through it all, I am grateful to the AMS and Naval Weather Service Association for making this possible.”

Max said, “I was honored to be awarded the 2019 Larry R. Johnson Memorial Scholarship. Mr. Johnson was instrumental in the development of the AWIPS program, which is an instrumental tool across the weather enterprise, but especially within the National Weather Service. Through past internships, I’ve seen the importance of this program in daily operations. With my aspirations to go into the National Weather Service during my career, Mr. Johnson’s work is inspiring to me.”

Both students have successfully completed the first half of their senior year and are looking forward to attending AMS and graduating in the spring.

Max told us, “I’m looking forward to the 100th American Meteorological Society Annual Meeting in Boston next week. In addition to presenting prior research, I’m looking forward to learning from and networking with peers and professionals in the field.”

Congratulations to Max and Kristine!